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RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

- DoD, EPC, or California Drug Pedigree compliance labeling, as well as closed loop RFID systems. Print and apply RFID solutions. Active & Passive Tags, encoded tags for compliance available. More

Label printing requirements

including print and apply systems, stand alone printers, labels, ink jet, media, bar code, mil standard, support and service. More

RF (Radio Frequency)

, data collection, WMS (Warehouse Management Systems), scanners, hand held mobile computers (batch or wireless), vehicle mounted computers and RF infrastructure, wireless networks, access points. More

Mobility solutions

, extending critical business applications outside the four walls, including field service, sales, delivery, and route accounting. More
Motorola Certified
eTWIST® Motorola and AT&T Certified
Primary Marking Systems Inc.® recently visited Motorola Enterprise Mobility in New York and passed the Enterprise Mobility Validation Tests for our eTWIST® product line.  This is a week long test to validate eTWIST® running on the most common Motorola Devices- MC55/75, MC909x, and MC9500.  It tests for Compatibility, Battery/RAM/CPU usage, Scanning, Basic Operation, and Operation Under Load.

We also became AT&T Certified to further our commitment to quality products and services.
Cob's Corner - a regular column from Primary Marking's service department. Features tips & problems that will benefit the thermal transfer printer user.
Photo of Cob Himself
TIP: The benefits of a printer maintenance contract are numerous. I have been servicing thermal transfer printers for over three decades. This has allowed me to see just about every type of thermal printer in every condition or should I say every state of disrepair. It boggles my mind how many print heads I replace because a customer has failed to clean them properly. I usually recommend the customer clean their print head every time they replace their ribbon. Primary Marking has kits made specifically for Zebra, Datamax and Sato printers. Call 888-261-9178 for pricing and questions. When you purchase a kit I will include pictures and instructions. More
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Justice Assistance Grant Logo

Justice Assistance Grant

The Byrne JAG Program funding applications are available typically in late Spring or early Summer. The Byrne JAG Program has been successfully used applied for and used towards funding to purchase eTWIST many times. These awards are generally made on a first come, first served basis. Given the economic challenges each county/city faces, these awards are likely to be consumed VERY quickly.

Please see the BJA website for more information where you will find links to both your local and state solicitation grant applications, allocations of the monies by state, and FAQ’s regarding the grant information. The Local Allocations are set and are indicated next to each respective county/city. In addition to the Local Allocation, at the bottom of the respective state’s page, you will see the total direct State Allocation of the Federal funds. Each state MAY set aside an amount a respective local county/city can apply to receive from the respective state. In the case of some States, this application process is deemed as a competitive bid, and the applications should reflect a “NEEDS” based request. Applications for local and state solicitation are due usually late Spring or early Summer.

If you have any questions regarding allocations and/or award dates by state, please click here and select your state to view your JAG State Administering Agency: Primary Marking is committed to helping everyone get their applications written and filed correctly.


Primary Marking's eTWIST Evidence Tracking Software, launched June 29, 2009, became featured app on Motorola's LEX700 Look Here


Accenture survey: 82% of citizens say technology helps improve policing. For more details download HOW CAN DIGITAL POLICE SOLUTIONS BETTER SERVE CITIZENS’ EXPECTATIONS? for more info!
Motorola MC55


Primary Marking offers the world's first portable manual inkjet printer. The Handjet EBS 250. More Information
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Primary Marking Systems' Tactical Weapons Identification and Security Tracking or TWIST, is an RFID High Value Assets Tracking software, designed for the unobtrusive RFID tracking of weapons, laptops, radios, evidence and other HVA's.
TWIST is perfect for law enforcement, military, or private enterprise applications. Track weapons including: handguns, rifles, knives, stun guns, automatic weapons, and many others without a line of sight. By using RFID technology to track these HVA's throughout your facility, TWIST tracks them when they leave the armory, facility and anywhere in between. In many cases the user is not aware the HVA's location is being read.

Contact Primary Marking Systems® today for more information.

Primary Marking Systems' Evidence Tracking with Information Solution Technologies or eTWIST ® 2009 [US Patent #8220711], is a barcoded Windows Mobile 6.x based software designed for unobtrusive tracking of Evidence. eTWIST® is perfect for Law Enforcement, Military, or Private Enterprise Applications needing Chain of Custody.

eTWIST® makes full use of Microsoft and Symbol/Motorola technoligies.  It is designed in the latest .NET Compact Framework 3.5 and makes use of  Microsoft's Compact SQL to store data along with Motorola's API library to access Barcode Scanning, Camera, GPS, and printing of barcode labels to a Zebra GX420T printer.  With the Motorola MC55/MC75 devices you have many connection options such as USB, Bluetooth, Wireless, or Cellular.  All data can be imported into our Backend system storing to MS SQL Server 2005/2008 or into any custom system you may already use with only minor work.
Solution for serializing and meeting Drug ePedigree Requirements. More
  SaaS (Software as a Service) or Software Ownership models.  touch screen capabilities and intuitive menus allow for easy reprinting of missing, bad, non-readable tags or labels with minimal employee training  ePedigree Connector indicating production and shipment status More

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Handjet EBS 250

Handjet EBS 250

The HANDJET EBS 250 with its patented print technology replaces antiquated hand coders (such as stencil machines, stamps and roll coders, laborious and expensive in use and problematic with ink management).

It is a portable, manual, ultra-compact and light INK-JET printer that uses a print-head with electromagnetic valves; it is battery operated and radio-controlled. This unique device weighs only 980 grams. It is the device for users who demand low purchase cost, cost-effective operation and not excessively sophisticated practical functions.